Thursday, October 27, 2005


Being Out of Cigarettes Suck!

So I'm having one of those stressful moments and all I want is a cigarette and since one wasn't going to mysteriously appear - I had to do without!

I did manage to bum one off of this girl and was so grateful that we struck up a conversation.  You see sometimes asking for a cigarette from someone works and sometimes it doesn't.  I remember asking for a cigarette one time from a guy who was taking his break outside and he told me that he had to bum the one that he was smoking now.

Terrible thing to be addicted to something and be out of it.  Still if you think that that is enough to make me want to quit then you are sadly mistaken!  It just furthers my resolve to not be out of cigarettes again!

It was ectasy having them for as long as I did but as I saw the number of them decrease it made me more anxious and more stressed and unfortunately it made me want to smoke more.

It's early Thursday now and I have been out of cigarettes for a few days and the "bumming" thing is really getting on my nerves!

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